Sassy-K Tape, Broad Spectrum CBD Infused Kinesiology Tape

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Our CBD-infused Kinesiology Tape consists of the highest quality fibers and adhesives. It is infused with an all-natural formula that does not contain harsh or toxic chemicals. Designed to withstand rough, wet environments—and to last for multiple days, through multiple workouts—our tape provides targeted relief to affected joints and muscles.



Sassy-K Tape

Active Ingredients
Proprietary blend of CBD hemp oil

Inactive Ingredients
Methacrylic Acid, Ethylhexylacrylate, Bentonite, Sodium Stearate

Available in 60mg (5mg per inch), 3000mg (60” roll/5mg per inch), & custom potency*

0.2% THC Broad Spectrum Profile



1 review for Sassy-K Tape, Broad Spectrum CBD Infused Kinesiology Tape

  1. Charisaa G.

    My pain and inlflamation are decrease immensely with this product.
    Its flexibility moves with body causing total comfortability. Ive showered and poured out sweat while wearing this tape; it did not peal on the corners or showed weakness in any way possible!
    I highly recommend Sassy-K Tape. Get rid of the pain already.

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