Sassy’s Black Pearls

Sassy’s Black Pearls

Sassy’s Black Pearls, oh how they shine, Full spectrum CBD, a treasure so divine. Pearls that heal, and make us feel, Alive and well, with every Soft Gel.

Calcium and collagen, with bovine bone marrow, A powerful trio, that prevents the bones becoming brittle and narrow. Rich and potent, they’ll make you sing, A healthier life, these pearls will bring.

Our bones, they need calcium, to stay strong and true, And collagen, oh collagen, it’s good for me and you. Bovine bone marrow, a source of richness rare, These pearls have it all, they’re beyond compare.

Sassy’s Black Pearls, they’ll calm you down, Reduce inflammation, and take away your frown. Full spectrum CBD, a natural way, To ease your pain, and brighten your day.

Anxiety, it’s no match, for these little guys, And sleep, oh blessed sleep, they’ll help you close your eyes. Inflammation, it’s in check, and pain, it fades away, Thanks to Sassy’s Black Pearls, we’ll seize the day.

Collagen, oh collagen, it’s good for your skin, A youthful glow, it’ll help you win. And bovine bone marrow rich in nutrients, iron and zinc, with vitamin B12, “I feel just like a pharaoh”, you’ll probably think.

Sassy’s Black Pearls, they’re full of love, A gift to ourselves, from the heavens above. A healthier life, they’ll help us thrive, And we’ll feel alive, with ever increasing drive.

So take these pearls, and make them yours, just because, they’re such a healthful force. Calcium, collagen, and full spectrum CBD, These pearls are here, to set us free.