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Kathleen Madden Searra is the founder of Maddenshine and in collaboration with the founder of 11:11 CBD, created Sassy-K. The core focus of these exclusive brands is the upliftment and empowerment of Woman.  We believe that the complete modern Woman is not just beautiful, but should be gracious, inspire confidence, practice patience and seek the true light, which is a gift from above. Kathleen is a Woman of substance with a fresh approach to how to live a truly joyful and enthusiastic life. Kathleen invites you to join with her on her life journey and share in the seasoned fruit of the spirit, in the hopes that other remarkable  Woman may find the success and spiritual maturity that she has realized in her life.

Kathleen is a tough champion for her cause, she is a strong woman who prefers to work behind the scenes to help others develop their own special talents.  As gold is refined in the furnace, so can we through our daily struggles, by the perfect law of love, be made perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works. This is what it means to SHINE.

Maddenshine and Sassy-K are extensions of Kathleen’s efforts to help every Woman reach their full potential, it was created with the intention of providing a portal and valuable resource for like minded Woman to meet, seek advice and encouragement and gain access to some of the best health wellness and lifestyle products available.  Our  goal is simple: to extend a warm welcome and provide assistance, advice and information to those in need. Our purpose is to ensure access to revolutionary health and wellness products and services, specifically designed to cater for the modern Woman. Maddenshine adopts a futurist approach to all its strategic operations and strives to bring hope and restoration in a sometimes unforgiving world. Maddenshine is an ever expanding solutions based platform which harnesses wisdom, technology and the healing power of nature to help restore HEALTH, HAPPINESS and HOPE.

Sassy-K supports all veterans and first responders, providing the best possible products at discounted prices.

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